Tuesday, April 21, 2015

week 12-13

Last week of first trimester DONE! The baby is now the size of a lime according to some websites and a passion fruit in others. ... because I walk around with immediate knowledge of fruit sizes... ..

 These few weeks are when we are getting the nuchal translucency/ultrasound screenings. Basically I:
  1. go in for a blood draw before I hit 2nd trimester
  2. do an ultrasound with the fancier hospital sonogram machines - it takes much better images and they do a test where they measure a few things including your cervix length and the space between the baby's skull and neck. The thinner it is the less likely it has down syndrome. The OBGYN is the not the one who does this test. 
  3. do another blood test in 2nd trimester
Combining all 3 screenings is supposed to give us a good idea of whether or not there are any genetic defects with the fetus. BUT REALLY, I just wanted more ultrasounds so I went for it.

The spawn is a fatty. Just lied there and tried to eat its fist.
Sonogram results came back good! They did notice that there was a small fluid sac next to the baby which "most likely meant another embryo had an early demise". In other words, I could have had twins... NO THANKS. Other than the shock it doesn't have any impact on the pregnancy and it will just go away as the baby takes over all available space. However Eric likes to think that this baby ate the other baby and is super proud. I have doubts if procreating with him was the right thing to do.

Friday, April 10, 2015

week 9-11

Weeks 9-10
o. my god. the morning sickness. Just put me in a coma until I hit 14 weeks please.

Thanks to this repressed immune system so my body doesn't attack the foreign tissue growing in my uterus right now, I immediately caught the cold going around the office. Although my immune system was never that great to begin with and this cold may have been a blessing in disguise as I blissfully couldn't smell anything for a week.

Week 11
I totally suck at updating any blogs. TO BE FAIR it's only cause I wanted to update with pictures and getting pictures off my phone apparently takes two weeks.

At this point we've gone in for our 10 week checkup where we got to see the baby forealsies this time! The OBGYN pointed out the baby's heartbeat and eric got all emotional. From here I don't have to see the OB for another 4 weeks but will have to go in for a special ultrasound and two blood tests for the nuchal translucency screening which seems to just be the fancy way of saying "the screening to see if there is anything potentially wrong with your baby so we can scare you".

I swear that lump on the bottom is a baby

Baby bump? I'm not pushing out by belly. Regardless, the pregnant waddle has definitely started.