Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 8

whoooo week 8!!

I've been obsessively checking this site for daily probability of miscarriage. 2.1% today! Maybe this spawn is here to stick around - O.O

So on to the nitty gritty of week 8

Stuff everyone's heard of about pregnancy
  1. Nausea. I was unfortunately not one of those blessed with little to no morning sickness (shakes fist). I wouldn't say I have extreme morning sickness as I've been able to keep food down but it definitely has not been pleasant. All I can say is - I BETTER HAVE ABS AFTER ALL THIS THROWING UP.
Some things they never really talk too much about on all those sites about pregnancy (or maybe they do but I just always glossed over them to look at pictures instead, who knows).
  1. Taking care of myself. Before getting pregnant I always thought that I should be able to keep myself fit, eat well, take care of myself, and in the process try to make an attempt to prevent extreme physical changes (too much weight gain, stretch marks, etc). I mean, it should just take a little self control and sheer force of will right?

    SO WRONG. Turns out after getting pregnant, I can barely lug my body around to go through the regular routine of life. This little spawn has taken over and my physical needs has been limited to throwing up, sleeping, eating. In between these lovely activities I can squeeze in a shower, brush my teeth, and maybe watch some tv. On top of all that, the thought of all food nauseates me - I can't even order those company dinners at night because reading the menu grosses me out. So my "eating well" has basically turned into "eating whatever the hell I can think of without gagging". Which apparently is a ton of fast food, I haven't touched this much taco bell, pizza, or mickey D's since I was 12. I have officially turned into a gross baby incubator. 

  2. Bloatedness/gas. In the past few weeks I've basically turned into this gassy bloated disgusting shadow of a human being. Apparently there are hormones relaxin and progesterone wreaking havoc on my body and relaxing all my muscles - including my digestive muscles. Which has basically turned me into the most disgusting human being ever (I'll spare you the details)
  3. Hunger pangs. I AM SO HUNGRY. ALL THE TIME. It's really really horrible. Normally when I'm not pregnant, I get these gnawing hunger pangs when I'm super hungry and then it passes after I start drifting into starvation - totally bearable. In pregnancy phase, the hunger pangs are about 10x worse (I literally feel like I'm dying) and it's always accompanied by nausea and dry heaving. On the other hand, if I eat too much then the nausea starts showing up too. So I've resorted to snacking nonstop all day. Someone at work commented on my level of snackiness and had I not been exhausted and nauseous I probably would have cared and maybe been offended.

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