Sunday, August 9, 2015

week 27-28

Hello third trimester!

  • Weight gained: 20 lbs O.O... but honestly, not as bad as I thought.. I had low hopes in being able to regulate my weight gain to something normal.. 
  • Second trimester feels: felt pretty normal up until the last couple weeks
  • Clothing: growing faster than I can shop. To all you pregnant women, get some stretchy maxi skirts as that's the only thing that's lasted so far. Also just don't get pregnant during the summer, it's miserable. I've realized that month before the due date where I'll be on maternity leave is totally necessary and will be glorious because I can just hang out in my giant XXL warriors tshirt and eric's basketball shorts and not have to worry about clothes. 
  • Baby Spawn: 2 lbs 8 oz at the last ultrasound check in! All measurements look normal and fine. Sometimes in the morning we can play together now. And by "play together" I mean I lie there and we poke each other back through my belly. 

The past couple weeks have been by far the most uncomfortable weeks of this pregnancy. Somehow the little spawn inside has turned my entire body into a furnace and I've broken out in all sorts of rashes/hives/general intense itchiness :( It's getting pretty hard to sleep as the itchiness keeps me up through the night. I think the lack of sleep coupled with work somehow caused me to LOSE 3 lbs when I hit the third trimester. Eric is freaking out and now has made it his personal mission to constantly offer me food. To rule out my liver, my OB got another blood test going to test for liver status. Luckily I was already going in for the glucose tolerance test so they just drew it all at the same time.

The glucose test is a super boring test where they test for gestational diabetes. You aren't allowed to eat anything prior to the test (so get a morning slot) and they recommend you allocate about 2-3 hours for it. You'll go in on an empty stomach and they draw some blood immediately. Then you drink some super sweet beverage and get your blood drawn two more times in the next 2 hours. They basically want to see if your body breaks down the glucose fast enough.

I got that clear one on the very left. It tastes like a sweeter flat sprite
So even having read all of this prior to showing up, I was not prepared for the SIZE of the glucose liquid bottle. I thought it would be smaller like that deceiving picture posted up above but it ends up being around the same size as a mini bottle of sprite. It doesn't taste too bad... for the first 25% of it.. the super sweet stuff gets hard to choke down after that. Having gone in with an empty stomach, I immediately got a sugar high then crashed and was sleepy for the next couple hours. If I fail this round then I have to go back in for an even longer session (3 hours) and then they'll verify if I have gestational diabetes or not.

We also went in for another ultrasound due to baby's echogenic bowel. Bowel is still slightly echogenic but the measurements are all fine and there are no other markers. Most likely case is that this is a healthy baby BUT JUST BECAUSE THEY WANT MY MONEY TO BE SAFE, we get to go in again in 6 weeks for another ultrasound. So all in all, I think we'll end up with two more ultrasounds than usual.

I didn't want 3D ultrasounds because they seem creepy. But they didn't ask me so we got it anyways!
Side profile of baby spawn!


  • Third trimester started! OB visits will now increase to once every two weeks instead of four
  • 7 more weeks til maternity leave!
  • 11 more weeks til the baby gets evicted!

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