Thursday, August 20, 2015

The time I thought I was going into labor

Last night I had my first set of (what I think are) Braxton Hicks contractions.

I've only had one major scare during this pregnancy and that was at around 27 weeks. I woke up one night with REALLY bad stomach aches and somewhere in that semiconscious-amplified pain I was totally convinced I was going into labor. So Eric had to deal with me rocking back and forth sobbing while he frantically googled what to do. After about 15 minutes of this nonsense I finally woke up all the way and realized "huh, this pain feels awfully close to food poisoning...". So anyways, 20m later my body did what it needed to do and I was perched contently on my side of the bed playing hearthstone while Eric hyperventilated into a bag next to me. Apparently he was all ready to drive me to the hospital because I was all crying about how I was in labor or something. Silly Eric. Obviously it was just food poisoning, I don't know why he was overreacting.

Last night however it felt more like menstrual cramps and after going through about 15m of them let's just say, the future is looking bleak. Between that and googling "c-section" I'm about 90% convince I want to be knocked out for the entirety of labor.