Saturday, September 5, 2015

week 29-32

Huehuehue.. so I'm not very good at updating this..

Week 29
Current status:
  • Glucose test - Normal, no gestational diabetes! I immediately loaded up on ice cream
  • Liver test - Normal, however my allergen count seems high so I seem to be having an allergic reaction to something D: 
  • Overall feeling - Pretty miserable :(
So far in this pregnancy I think I've had is pretty easy. I mean first trimester was pretty bad with the morning sickness and all but from hearing other stories, it sounds like I had it about average. Echogenic bowel was the major scare (and still persists) but given how the rest of her stats look fine we're less concerned about it as well. Second trimester was totally fine - my day to day was more or less the same as before pregnant with the exception that I suddenly had only three outfits to rotate through per week. My weight gain has been pretty average and hasn't been hard to manage and I haven't developed any stretch marks as of yet (fingers crossed). My bladder actually hasn't been affected nearly as much as I thought it would have been and I have been able to eat/sleep just fine.


This rash/allergic reaction has been totally miserable :(. My skin now looks worse than Eric's 29 years of eczema and the worst part is the inability the sleep at night thanks to the itching. I guess this is prep for when the baby comes and needs her tiny stomach filled every 2 hours so she can poop. I highly recommend for all pregnant moms in their third trimester to not be working so you can spend your days napping and refusing to leave the house. Apparently making a baby is exhausting for your body because I've never needed naps like I do now.

SO SPAWN, in the past couple weeks you have successfully done the following things to mommy:
  • Slowed my digestive tract down to oblivion (thanks a lot.)
  • Grown so much bigger now that you're crowding mommy's organs. I am short of breathe ALL THE TIME and constantly hungry but can't eat very much :(

... where did all my organs go..

Week 32
The rash has miraculously started to go away and my life is sooo much more pleasant now. It's still really hard to sleep at night mostly because everything hurts but at least I am no longer dying like before! I feel like I've literally been growing by the day and my stomach is now getting really tight and uncomfortable. Also, baby spawn's movements have graduated from kicks to a lot of elbowing/kneeing. My favorite thing now is to press on the top of my stomach and feel her shift her little feet around uncomfortably (sounds super creepy I know. )

Baby shower this weekend! Baby spawn, you are so so loved and your room is now about to explode with all the stuff you has.
PRESENTS! Can you feel my excitement?

Daddy is not so good at taking pictures  

BUTT PASTE. I'm so classy.

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