Wednesday, September 30, 2015

week 36

What's going on:
  • Maternity leave has started - I don't know what to do with myself anymore. :(
  • Baby has dropped - meaning her head has dropped into my pelvis. There wasn't much physical difference since I feel like I've been carrying pretty low through this whole pregnancy. That being said I had a sneaking suspicion she dropped since it's felt a little strange for a few days. The best way to describe the feeling is it feels like the baby is now a sack of rocks hanging out in the bottom of my uterus :D
  • I am 2cm dilated and the Dr thinks the spawn will be coming 1-2 weeks early. NOW eric is freaking out and thinks it feels too "real"
  • Total weight gain: 28 lbs so far!
  • Hello stretchies. They have arrived to plague me to for the rest of my life. 
Ever since second trimester, baby spawn has taken a liking to the right side (and only the right side) of my belly...
Don't worry, I'm wearing pants. They're just blocked by my giant belly

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