Tuesday, January 26, 2016

3 months of Evie!

My sweet little girl turned 3 months!

Things we've learned:
  • This month you learned that you had a right hand. You stare at it while you babble nonsense to it. Shortly after this, you realized you had ANOTHER HAND AND BOY WAS YOUR MIND BLOWN. I woke up at 6AM to you holding up both hands and exclaiming nonsense as you looked from one hand to the other. If it weren't 6AM and I was busy ignoring you so I could sleep, I would have taken a video.
  • You smile and talk so much now! Your worst fear is waking up to no one around. You will wake up freaking out as if you've been abandoned. Like I could abandon you Evie - I'd get arrested.
  • Tummy time is still going on in full effect and you still hate it. However after despairing for 5 minutes you've learned to give up and just lift your head up. Turns out you can lift it pretty high.
  • You somehow managed to escape tummy time twice this month by rolling over. Mommy is not sure if she should be leaving you on tall surfaces anymore..
  • Even though you are 3 months old you seem to think you're a tiny adult. The new thing this month is that you insist that we hold you at the dinner table so you can sit quietly and bob your head to our conversations. Any effort to put you back down results in immediate anger. Any effort to put you in the Bumbo also results in immediate anger. 
  • This month we went on many gai gais. We went to SF, and two kid's birthday parties where we found you some friends
  • We also found you a BEST FRIEND FOREVER. Emilia Kwong was born this month!
HAPPY THREE MONTHS! You've brought us more joy and love than we ever thought possible. We love you! 

Tummy time. After the despair

More tummy time!

Before going with Mommy and Daddy to SF

look how mature you're pretending to be just cause we let you sit with us

Bumbo time

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