Saturday, December 26, 2015

2 months of Evie!

Evie news

  • Evie has now doubled in size. Looking back at her pictures from a month ago I can't believe we thought she was cute. She looked like a creepy mole rat (sorry baby). Although now my baby's rolls are getting out of control :(
  • Evie started smiling at around 7 weeks. Still not great at talking but she will smize you all day.
  • After lecturing us multiple times on resisting the urge to feed Evie warm milk, we found out that Grandma actually sneaky-feeds her warm milk all the time. So now Evie will throw a hysterical fit when fed cold milk
  • We're pretty sure God made babies super cute so that the parents would resist the urge to kill them when they are waking up three times a night
2 months old! 

Evie's favorite things ever are LIGHTS (dun duns!) She will stare at them alll day

The good
  • Really blessed to have an amazing husband. I AM REALIZING IT MORE NOW. 
  • Also super blessed to have all the family support and friends :)
  • Done with the first 8 weeks of drugs! Onto 12 more cycles/weeks of the "gentler" drug
  • Side effects have been super minimal. I mostly just feel out of it day of and have been generally fine after that. Was able to go to work for a bit before going out officially for "maternity leave"
The bad

  • Some bone pain due to my neulasta shots to restimulate my white blood cell production after chemo wipes it out
  • Worst part was the beginning when getting the diagnosis and starting treatment a week postpartum. AC out of my ACT chemo regimen went pretty well for me but by my last one I was getting super grossed out just thinking about it :(
  • Sooo many drs visits. And I thought pregnancy was bad. On the bright side, I am even more familiar with online shopping and learned how to crochet in my copious amounts of idle time during chemo
  • Not being able to breastfeed anymore was really sad :(. Breastfeeding was something I was dreading the most after giving birth but Evie was a really good latcher and fed really well from the first day. I breastfed for the first two weeks and then stopped as soon as chemo started (for obvious reasons). In some ways it was good because Evie was a pretty good sleeper thanks to not having to wake up every 2 hours to eat from the boob. But it was super hard emotionally for me to give it up :(
The ugly
  • The steroids I get to keep the chemo side effects at bay make it impossible to lose weight :(. So all leftover 13 lbs of baby weight, you and I are about to get REALLL familiar until April. 
  • Yes, this is the worst part - because yknow, priorities. :D

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  1. Such awesome photos! The first one is beautiful...and omg that shirt is so cute!