Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 16 and 17

okok, I'm falling behind on these posts :( Last day of week 17 today!

Week 16

Updates: It's getting pretty boring now as I am just busy rapidly expanding
  •  I'm starting to feel weird flutters in my belly! Although that could be anything ranging from the baby to muscle spasms to.. gas. I'm going to choose to believe that I'm not disgusting and it's the baby. I've noticed that it happens more around certain times (like 5-6PM). WebMD tells me that it should feel like "gas bubbles" but I think "flutters" or "muscle spasms" is closer to how it feels. Another way I'd describe it is that it feels like my belly has a heartbeat. It's definitely not uncomfortable but it's not comfortable either (feels like a distraction) so I can only imagine that as the spawn gets bigger it'll probably get annoying :(. 
  • Supposedly the baby is at the state where it reacts to light being shone at the belly now and will either move to avoid it or react to it. I was super excited about that until I realized sitting on a couch shooting a flashlight at my belly trying to guess the baby's orientation is super boring. So that pastime ended much faster than I anticipated.
Maternity wear!
  • So I'm definitely showing now. I always read about women who are like "I didn't show until month 5!" In my case, that's a freaking lie. I could pretty much tell immediately. Maybe other people wouldn't notice at that point but the minute you start thinking you're showing, the self consciousness sinks in anyways and you find that perfect excuse to wear sweats 24/7... until they no longer fit. 
  • I've moved on to maternity jeans. They are amazingly comfortable, amazingly hideous jeans that don't actually button and stretch all the way up to past your waist.
  • My bras officially do not fit anymore. Even in my workout bras I am in constant danger of having something indecently pop out. Let me just say though, nursing/pregnancy bras are THE UGLIEST THINGS EVER and cost an exorbitant amount. As if you don't feel unsexy enough as a giant beached whale, it's like the fashion industry decided to add insult to injury and make you feel even worse :(. 
  • For a while, loose fitting t-shirts were my best friend. They were comfy, pretty much worked with any bottom, and hid my growing belly pretty well - AND ALSO you can wear them after the baby!! Somehow in the past week or so my belly has grown past the point of no return and loose t-shirts now just make me look fat. But they are still comfy so I'm still sticking with them. 

Week 17

Holy crap have I gained weight. Officially hit 10 lbs today and did a before and after photo comparison. Left is before pregnancy and right is start of 18 weeks. Little spawn is around the size of a bell pepper now. I seem to be carrying pretty low which according to Google, means that it's a boy... about 50% of the time (haha). Other than that, it doesn't seem like carrying low means anything for the baby or mom. It's been nice though because sometimes at night when I'm hunched over it pushes up against my upper organs and its SUPER uncomfortable. So thanks baby spawn for not growing so high up!

We have a OBGYN appointment tomorrow and I plan on pestering her until she scans for gender so maybe we'll find out tomorrow! Otherwise, June 9th is the official gender scan assuming the baby cooperates and shows the goods. 

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