Saturday, May 2, 2015

week 14

HMMMMM... it seems my morning sickness may be subsiding! Given this amazing development, I now push myself to sleep later and later.. until my body rebels and I throw up. Then I crawl into bed a sniveling snotty mess at the successful late hour of 1030PM.

We went in for our 2nd trimester checkup with the OBGYN which was by far the least interesting checkup ever. Baby spawn didn't even get a headshot out of it. We just sat around and listened to the baby's heartbeat for about 3 minutes and then we packed my tummy back in and went to work.

Next up is yet another blood test and then I will have completed the combined first and second trimester screening for all the genetic diseases (whooo).

Baby bump is still hide-able depending on what I wear. Although I haven't determined what works or not. It seems to be all random

OR I can let the baby bump hang in all its full glory. So uncomfortable.

IN OTHER NEWS - Koopa finally got kicked out of his room so now we have deep cleaned, bleached, and repainted the room. Prior to Eric having a fit of insanity and moving the rodent into the house, the room was just our spare bedroom that we loaded all unpacked boxes into and pretended it didn't exist. In fact, we even called it "The room that does not exist". Still have a a bunch of stuff to do to make it habitable including:
  • Removing that disgusting light fixture
  • Repainting the ceiling
  • Repainting the doors and baseboards
  • Get a rug
  • Get furniture
  • Make it a live-able room

Baby project #1 done! 
Baby's room.. someday.

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